How Effective Are Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns?

Do you remember the feeling of opening your mailbox up and finding marketing materials for local business? Sometimes you might get some neat deals and discounts from them, and other times they were just fun to open up and read about, never knowing the wonder of what could be waiting for you in the envelope.

Direct mail printing is something that many business owners are forgetting about these days in their ad campaigns, forgetting about physical mailboxes and going straight for the digital inboxes. The fact is, email marketing is a lot more impersonal than direct mail marketing, and will probably end up being marked as spam by filters. This is not the case with direct mail marketing.

Direct Mail Marketing Facts

Think direct mail marketing is dead or just not effective anymore? Think again. Here are some incredible facts about direct mail marketing approaches that you should think about the next time you start up an advertising campaign for your business:

·    Direct mail has a higher ROI than almost any other type of marketing

Direct mail actually has an average ROI of 29%, making it more effective than online display ads and paid search placements. That is huge!

·    Direct mail is more personal

Direct mail just feels more personal than its digital counterpart, and many print companies can make your message and advertisement feel like it was made for a specific group of people (for example, a neighborhood in your town).

·    Direct mail can go hand-in-hand with digital marketing

Direct mail campaigns can work seamlessly with a well thought out digital marketing strategy, and can even increase the personalization of the message you’re trying to send if you plan it out right.

Direct mail printing

If you were thinking that direct mail is dead, you’ll be surprised the next time you give a direct mail marketing campaign a shot. Make your message as personal as possible, and target it locally to people in your area. You may be surprised just how many responses (and hopefully purchases) it lands you.